Honey Care Africa

Honey Care Africa

Honey Care Africa has the best quality honey and honey products in East Africa. It sustains economic development by creating financial value.

It improves social economic conditions in a way that supports the environment instead of spoiling it. We commit to ensuring sustainable livelihoods while preserving the environment.

Our main focus is on smallholder farmers, women, girls and nutrition. We buy honey at fair trade prices from smallholder farmers. This supports their livelihood by providing market access for the honey they produce. We promote women enterprise by using women honey aggregators. Also, over 70% of staff in Honey Care Africa are women.

Our products are distributed in all leading supermarkets, hotels and institutions in Kenya.

Honey can be used as: sweetener for hot and cold beverages, and food, cooking ingredient, spread, beauty and medicinal uses.

You can check the purity of honey by:


  • Honey is made liquid rich in sugars known as nectar.
  • Honey bees process nectar which remove water content from it.
  • Pure honey crystallizes over time.
  • To decrystalize, put in warm water and stir

Pure Honey Does Not Dissolve in Water

  • Put a few drops of honey in a glass of water. Pure honey will settle at the bottom in form of a ball.
  • Fake honey will dissolve in water, which can be noted visibly.

Paper Test

  • Put a few drops of honey on a paper towel or a napkin.
  • Pure honey will remain solid and will not get absorbed.
  • Fake honey will get absorbed and wet the paper.

Ants test

  • Put a few a drops of honey near some ants and leave it for some time, pure honey will not attract ants.
  • If the honey attracts ants, it is impure.

Bread Test

  • Spread honey on a slice of bread and leave it for a few minutes.
  • Pure honey will make the bread become crispy or crunchy on the applied slice.
  • Fake honey will make the bread soggy because of additives.


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