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By Honey Care Africa

A Young Woman Dared To Follow Her Dreams Through Hard Work and Determination.

Lilian Achieng Otieno “I graduated class eight in 2007 and there was nothing to be excited about. Besides, I would never get to high school, not with my father who had low regard for education and the meager wages that my mother earned from her small businesses. “Determined to make a living for myself, I […]

By Honey Care Africa

The Social Business in East Africa that is Using Bees and Smartphones to Help Lift Subsistence Farmers Out of Poverty.

By Jonathan Kalan Bees. Specifically, African bees are probably not the first, or even fifth idea, that comes to mind when you think of alleviating poverty. Yet these little insects are causing a buzz by helping thousands of rural farmers in East Africa. For the past twelve years, Kenyan social business Honey Care Africa has […]