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8 Honey Bee Pests Controlling Tips

Use of small bee entrance holes helps in controlling and avoiding beetle invasions. Regular hive inspection and physical removal of some pests such as beetles Clearing of bush beneath and around the hives to control and prevent invasion of safari ants, sugar ants and termites attack. Use of wasp traps, identifying and destroying their nests. Avoid […]

Beehive Inspection Tips

Beehive inspection is a very critical practice to be carried out to all hives on a regular basis, especially the brood. This is an important management practice as it helps farmers to determine the presence or absence of many established pests and diseases within the hive. It is also an important precautionary measure for beekeepers […]

How Bee Hive Technology Improves Honey Quality

Modern bee hives e.g. Kenya top bar hive and Langstroth hives improve honey quality where the combs can be lifted from the hive and replaced. This allows a beekeeper to examine the condition of the colony without harming it. Honeycombs can also be removed from the hive for harvesting without disturbing combs containing brood. The […]

Langstroth Hive

This is an American hive named after its founder Lorenzo Lorrain Langstroth. It is rectangular in shape and categorized under movable combs with frames. The hive has two major parts: the brood chamber/ super box/honey super. Bees build honeycombs into frames which can be removed with ease. The frames are designed to prevent bees from […]