Apiculture/ Beekeeping is the care and management of honey bees in man made hives for production of honey and other bee products.

It is one of the most environmentally friendly activities available to man. It enables people and communities living along forest edges, arid and semi arid areas, and in the wilderness to exploit the plant resources without cutting a twig.

Apiculture Services

Beekeeping Equipment

Benefits of Beekeeping

  • Requires little land compared other enterprises and discourages deforestation.
  • Labour requirement is low.
  • Cheap to practice and does not compete for resources with other agricultural enterprises.
  • Encourages environmental conservation.
  • Many products can be obtained from beekeeping making it a great source of income e.g. honey, beeswax, pollen, propolis, bee venom, royal jelly e.t.c.
  • Bees are good plant pollinators and play a big role in ensuring bio-diversity and improvement of plant yield.
  • The therapeutic value of beekeeping products provide remedy for many ailments (apitherapy).
  • Honey is a nutritious source of food.
Langstroth HivePhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash