8 Honey Bee Pests Controlling Tips

  1. Use of small bee entrance holes helps in controlling and avoiding beetle invasions.
  2. Regular hive inspection and physical removal of some pests such as beetles
  3. Clearing bushes beneath and around the hives to control and prevent invasion of safari ants, sugar ants and termites attack.
  4. Use of wasp traps, identifying and destroying their nests.
  5. Avoid hanging hives in swampy areas. Constantly inspect hives to control frogs and toads.
  6. Maintaining the apiary clean helps control snakes and lizards.
  7. Fence the apiaries with thorns or chicken wire mesh. A strongly built bee house helps control honey badgers and monkeys.
  8. Grease hanging wires and hanging poles at the ground level. This helps prevent ant attacks.
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