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Honey Care


About Honey Care

We started its operations in the year 2000 as an NGO with the aim of environment conservation by supporting beekeepers. We would offer hives, beekeeping equipment and training to farmers.



Our Impact Story

We understand that sustainable economic development means creating financial value. This means improving social conditions in a way that supports the environment and does not exploits it. We are committed to sustainable livelihoods while preserving the environment, with emphasis on smallholder farmers, women, and nutrition.


Honey and Honey Products

We process, package and distribute various types of honey, and their classification is based on the floral source of nectar from which it was made.

Honey can be from a specific or one type of flower nectar (monofloral), or indeterminate origin which is derived from the nectar of many types of flowers (polyfloral) or blended after collection. Shop for Honey Here

We make nutritious snacks using peanuts and sesame seeds, honey and caramel. They are rich in proteins, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins.

Honey Care Snacks

Peanut crackers

Made with peanuts, honey and caramel. Peanuts are rich in protein, minerals, antioxidants and vitamins which have various health benefits.

Honey Care Snacks

Simsim crackers

Made with sesame seeds, honey and caramel. Sesame seeds are packed with nutritional content including vitamin B6, folate and protein.

Honey Care Snacks

Mix crunch crackers

Made with a mix of peanuts and sesame seeds, honey and caramel. They are packed with the nutritional benefits found in both peanuts and sesame seeds.


What our clients say

“I have used Honey Care products for over five years now and they have never disappointed me. Their quality is uncomparable to any other.”

Patricia Muthoni

“Since we give honey to our children to boost their immunity, my wife and I are always sceptical about the quality. We recently started using Honey Care’s Highland honey and we are impressed. Keep it up.”

James Arunga

“With Honey Care, quality is guaranteed.”

Jennifer Mwende