Improving social conditions – in a way that supports, not exploits, the environment

Sustainable Impact

Why do we strive for a sustainable impact?

We consider a broader perspective of the impact we have for our stakeholders, the communities in which we operate, and for the planet overall. It is the proper way to do business and this is the Honey Care way. By widening the types of returns expected, we continue to take on more responsibilities. It may make our business more challenging, but ever more fulfilling.

Whether it’s triple bottom line, blended value, shared value – that’s us. We understand that sustainable economic development means creating financial value. It means improving social conditions. And it means doing it in a way that supports, not exploits, the environment.

Rural Development & Responsible Sourcing

In our quest to ensure that we keep track of where our raw materials come from and assure quality, Honey Care Africa set up the Rural Development programme to assist communities to takeownership of their own growth and development through the establishment and good functioning of Chamas (investment groups). Honey Care Africa identifies areas with good potential for raw materials,we then support these communities by training community members on responsible production, and assist with the management and harvesting of the raw materials. We then go ahead and guarantee the farmers a competitive fair trade market for their produce.

Environmental Conservation

Honey Care Africa recognises its responsibilities in environmental matters and recognises that good environmental management must be an integral and fundamental part of our business. Although we believe that we have a minimal impact on the environment, HCA aims to continue to improve its environmental performance by:Complying with the requirements of all environmental legislation, Raising awareness, encouraging participation and training farmers and employees on sound environmental conservation matters.

This will enable HCA to develop sustainable practices and deliver meaningful contributions to the quality of our environment.

Education and Training

Honey Care Africa places a lot of emphasis on the need to pass on information about the importance of environmental conservation. This has led us to starting the Future Generations Programme. This programme is aimed at encouraging and engaging school going kids to grow with their environment by planting trees and flowers. We believe that by teaching children at an early age to take care of their environment, we are safeguarding their future and assuring them a clean, healthy environment to grow in now.

Our continuous training and development programmes for our field management teams ensure that our farmers receive the best possible extension services as well as on ground training. We believe that information is power and we endeavour to provide this information as regularly as need be to grow our farmers’ honey yields and ultimately grow their incomes.