We are helping developing markets to grow


Honey Care Africa has a rich history as a pioneer of both the honey industry in Africa and enterprise in general. We have an exciting future as we lead Africa into the global honey and healthy snacks market. Honey care’s purpose is pervasive in everything we do. Every day we live out our vision, our mission and our values.


To be Africa’s most trusted healthy snacking company, utilising a sustainable supply chain that benefits rural communities from every product purchased.


To build a portfolio of high quality and affordable pure, natural, authentic honey-based snacks that consumers love. We contribute to economic development by increasing rural farming families’ incomes through a sustainable supply chain producing high quality honey and agricultural outputs, which we buy at fair market prices.



We believe that our clients are our best advertisement. We endeavour to only offer the best possible quality products with the aim to create memorable experiences.


This is the foundation of our culture and our people and is the responsibility we require of ourselves both in words and actions.


This is the collective responsibility we require from our team to offer optimal solutions, with a focus on achieving common goals.


We value and respect our partners, farmers, and customers and thus are unrelenting in our pursuit for new ways to appreciate them.


Honey Care Africa has placed on itself an explicit mandate to create memorable experiences by generating and offering quality. We are helping developing markets to grow. Our focus on production in these markets is geared to provide opportunities for greater returns: socially, economically, and environmentally. We’re driven by the disciplines of a self-sufficient, sustainable model. Through our complete value chain, we lead both the production and processing, and the retail distribution of consumer products.


We endeavor to offer and distribute the best quality honey and healthy honey based snacks. By taking good care of our farmers and controlling the process from farmers to shelf, Honey Care makes sure to offer the best quality honey. A beautiful, healthy and nutritious product to serve moms and their families in east Africa.


Honey Care honey is guaranteed 100% pure.

Honey Care takes good care of farmers and their families, because we believe in the power of doing it the right way.

It has a unique, intensive taste. Healthy power to families.


We serve real people. People who put their heart and soul into life, everyday, never giving in.

We serve moms – Mothers, who go to extraordinary lengths for their families. Just like we do. They take the extra mile every day to raise their kids, make sure they stay healthy and offer them as many opportunities as possible to become successful. They care, because it matters.

We serve farmers who put their very best every day providing a livelihood for their families. They deserve our care and fair payment.

We serve our employees – Optimistic people committed to take an extra step because they know it matters. And because they believe in the growth it will bring.


Our founders and advisors play a big role in shaping our future through the past journey we have undertaken since we began our business. They include successful individuals with expertise in different fields. They define our history and who we are.

Our Board of Directors constitutes experienced people from different backgrounds and with different leadership skills who lead the rest of the team in forming strategies for meeting the needs of our large market.

Our team is composed of dedicated individuals who work round the clock to ensure that we achieve our goals and remain true to our mission and values.


Honey Care Africa has won several prestigious awards and recognition both nationally and internationally due to its outstanding impact and contribution to the society. These awards include:

  • Nestle ‘Creating Shared Value’ Prize
  • Senior Ashoka Fellow / Rural Innovation Fellow from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Ashoka
  • Most Outstanding Social Entrepreneur Award from the World Economic Forum and the Schwab Foundation
  • World Business Award from the Prince of Wales International Business Leaders Forum & UNDP
  • Ismaili Youth Award for Entrepreneurship from His Highness Prince Amyn Aga Khan.
  • UNDP Equator Initiative Prize
  • Kenya ICT Board – Tandaa
  • International Development Marketplace Innovation Award from the World Bank & Soros Open Societies Institute
  • Business Call to Action
  • Top Small to Medium Sized Business in Africa and First Prize in the Renewable Energy and Environment Category SMME Awards in South Africa
  • Kenya Quality Award from the Kenya Bureau of Standards
  • Africa Enterprise Challenge Fund South Sudan Window


  • World Fair Trade Organization – for Fair Trade prices to smallholders
  • HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points) – for Food Safety



AlphaMundi Group Ltd is a commercial entity based in Switzerland and exclusively dedicated to Impact Investing: profitable investments that generate net benefits to society.AlphaMundi provides debt and equity financing to profitable and scalable ventures in strategic Sustainable Human Development sectors such as Microfinance, Affordable Education, Fairtrade Agriculture and Renewable Energy.AlphaMundi also contributes to the emergence of Impact Investing through education events, publications, and industry associations.

Root Capital

Root Capital is a non-profit social investment fund that grows rural prosperity in poor, environmentally vulnerable places in Africa and Latin America. They lend capital, deliver financial training, and strengthen market connections for small and growing agricultural businesses. Root Capital clients are farmer associations and private businesses that help build sustainable livelihoods by aggregating hundreds, or even thousands of rural producers. Since 1999, Root Capital has disbursed more than $399 million in credit to 463 businesses.

Lundin Foundation

The Lundin Foundation is the philanthropic arm of the Lundin Group of Companies. The Lundins are natural resource entrepreneurs who have enjoyed considerable success in Africa and around the world for over 35 years. They have a strong commitment to ensuring that benefits from the resource sector are shared with host countries and communities.

The Lundin Foundation embodies the entrepreneurial spirit of the Lundin Family. The Foundation invests in high potential small- and medium-sized businesses across Africa, with a view to generating wealth and employment needed to alleviate poverty on a sustained basis. Strategic grants are deployed to provide investees with management or technical assistance, pilot or field-test innovative pre-commercial products or services or to help outstanding individuals and organizations solve a critical systemic challenge.

Grameen Foundation

Grameen Foundation helps the world’s poorest, especially women, improve their lives and escape poverty. They provide access to appropriate financial services (such as small loans and savings accounts), new ways to generate income, and important information about their health, crops and finances.

By helping local microfinance institutions and other poverty-focused organizations become more effective, and by providing the poor with innovative mobile phone-based solutions, Grameen Foundation has helped millions pull themselves out of poverty.